Our classic wheels


Like the classic ones, but lighter


More rollers: smaller and lighter


Different concept to be smoother


Minimalist and sharp design


The solution to get more grip

Frequently asked questions


Thanks to 3D printing there are
many possible customizations.
Exploiting a parametric design for
us is very simple to create the right
wheel for the needs of each client.

Obviously the outside diameter of
the wheels is customizable and the
number of rollers within the maximum
and minimum limits for that model.

Another popular personalization regards
the mounting to the motor shaft, through
years of experience we have experienced
everything: from classic cylindrical axis
6mm or 4mm up to those for LEGO, from the
hexagonal axis to those of servo motors,
from the ball bearings to the Pololu hubs.

Usually we propose an integrated
mounting system in our wheels, without
the need to buy external hubs.
However, for those who prefer to use
the Pololu hubs, there is no problem:
simply tell us the hub model you have
bought, and we will adapt the wheels
for the optimal mounting.


Payments must be done upon the confirmation
of the order, until payment will not
be done production will not be started.

The payment methods are multiple, such as:
bank transfer, PayPal, credit card.
For payments via PayPal there is a fee
of about 4%, during the purchase we will
notify you the exact value.

Important note for the Italian schools: we
sell as private and we do regular tax receipt
with a stamp duty according to law, we do not
do e-invoicing and we are not on the MEPA.


As already explained, the wheels are fully
customized for the client's needs and,
therefore, they are produced only after
confirming the order. The production time
may vary, but generally it's about a week,
or maximum two for large orders.
If you have urgent needs, tell us
and we'll see what you can do.


Shipments to Italy cost of 18€ and
the package arrives in 1~2 days.
While to know the details for
international shipments write to:


At the moment we don't have an office,
we are often between Padua and Vicenza.
If you need to meet us, contact us
and we will organize it.

We usually reply quickly, if you don't
get any answer just resend the e-mail
or try another method.

Attention: if you need to call us,
we suggest you to send us an e-mail or an
SMS first because we aren't always available.
You can also use Whatsapp if you want.

You can find us on many social networks,
when we have free time we like to share
our works and experiences!