3D printing carbon fiber



Have you ever wondered how far we can customize the wheels to satisfy customer needs? We too, because apparently this limit is not yet well defined...

Lately there had been asked for wheels which could support considerable weight and significant mechanical stress, so we decided to test a new material, much stronger than PLA that we usually use! This material is nylon reinforced with carbon fiber and, in addition of making much stronger prints, it makes them lighter by about 20% too. They also have advantages on the wear of parts and high temperature resistance.

Here you can find some photos of 3D printed wheels with this material: link.

Unfortunately, this material is more expensive and difficult to print than the material that we usually use, so the price of the wheels made with this material is the double of the price listed in the catalog: link.
Soon new models of wheels, that you see now only in development, will be available... Stay tuned!

Anyway, if you need more info or advices, please contact us!

New design



It was a while that we didn't update the contents on the website, but finally we had time to do it. This website has been developed especially for mobile devices, in fact, recently the mobile accesses exceeded the ones by computer.
Among the main innovations there is the new blog section where we have combined the old sections called "projects", "news" and "gallery". You can also notice some changes in the products page, you will find new designs and models for all needs.

Let us know if you like the new design or if you notice errors and bugs, thank you!




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