Our team was born to make robots for
the RoboCup, in fact, we participated
at the RoboCup jr Italia in 2011 and
in 2012 and at the RomeCup 2012.
We have always achieved great results,
as the title of Italian champions 2012!

Then we started taking part at fairs
and exhibitions, like: "Makers Italy",
"Codemotion", "Maker Faire Rome",
"MTV Digital Days" and many others.
In these events we knew a lot of
people who helped us to grow up and
to make us understand our potential.

While studying electronics engineering
at the University of Padua, we
started working autonomously on many
interesting and innovative projects.
Thanks to that we got experiences in
various sectors and we learnt things
which can't be learnt at school.

To see more about our past stories
or about our latest news you can
check our blog! You will also find
some articles and tutorials about some
small projects that we developed.
If you want to know more about our
team members, check out these pages:
Riccardo Ertolupi
Daniele Spreggiaro


For some years we've been working with various
kind of 3D printers and we have accumulated an
useful experience on the most common machines
for rapid prototyping.

Usually we offer technical consultancies and
repairs of FDM 3D printers and we also
3D print objects for third party.

We have a DLP 3D printer too which works with
resin to make smaller and more detailed prints.

For any question, feel free to contact us!


The omnidirectional wheels and the mecanum
wheels are of special wheels which, if
properly controlled, allow the vehicle that
mounts them to move in all directions.

We started working with omnidirectional wheels at
the time of RoboCup. However, finding no models of
these wheels at a good price and with the technical
characteristic that we wanted, we decided from
the beginning of making them by ourselves.

In fact, what we sell now are the result
of years of experience and of listening
to customers, so our wheels are
fully customizable!

If you are interested in purchasing them visit
the catalog where you will find the most common
models and the most asked customizations:

If you are a beginner and you still want to
work with this technology, do not worry!
We wrote a guide on how to use them properly:
Guide about omnidirectional wheels

For info:


As mentioned we studied electronics,
but it isn't our only specialty!
In fact, when we can't do something we always
try to learn how to do it so, making a virtue
of necessity, we acquire new skills.

More precisely we can code in different
languages and at different levels, for example:
C/C ++, Java, PHP, assembly, processing...
We also have good experience with various CAD
programs, especially for the PCB design;
We do 3D modeling too, particularly applied
to 3D printing; and we are quite proficient
in graphic design and website design too.


Many people have great ideas and would like
to develop innovative products; most of these
products however need electronics which
complicates the process for most people.
Only a few lucky ones have the knowledge
and the money, as well as idea to develop
a product successfully from zero.
Before doing that you must consider
all difficulties that will come up!

In this kind of works we always try to add
our ideas to improve and develop the
product beyond the customer expectations.

Usually we stop our works after creating
a well-working prototype of the product
and then, if needed, we pass the work to
other people for the engineering process.
This because we haven't got a lot of
experience in that process yet, but also
because we are creative people and we enjoy
much more when we can use our creativity.
In fact, most of our works are on products
where the level of the technology isn't
as important as their innovativeness.


Ever since we began studying electronics
at high school we have always seen it
as auseful thing to realize our ideas and
our projects, in fact, thanks to it we
can create and make many things work.

This concept can be applied to the
IOT (Internet of Things) too, it's
actually nothing more than a particular
use of electronics, but the idea is
the fundamental part.

The common goal is to take various devices
of everyday life and make them "smart", so
they can interact with the surrounding world,
with other devices or with the Internet.
It's possible to that using technologies that
taken individually aren't particularly
innovative, but exploiting them properly
you can achieve excellent results.


At the moment we don't have an office,
we are often between Padua and Vicenza.
If you need to meet us, contact us
and we will organize it.

We usually reply quickly, if you don't
get any answer just resend the email
or try another method.

Attention: if you need to call us,
we suggest you to send us an email or an
SMS first because we aren't always available.
You can also use Whatsapp if you want.

You can find us on many social networks,
when we have free time we like to share
our works and experiences!